Over 100 years ago horses were the main form of transportation and the main energy source for the agricultural industry. Therefore, it is little wonder that skilled horse trainers were well respected. These exceptional trainers have always sought the very finest equipment they could afford. This practice has been passed along from generation to generation with one constant factor... it requires the best leather to produce the finest equipment and it still does today.

Today’s horse trainer’s role has changed. Instead of horses being trained for transportation and agriculture, they are trained for competition and recreation. A few cowboys on large ranches and feedlots still train horses for daily use in the cattle business, but today, they are in the minority. Regardless of what the trainer or exhibitor does for a living he or she still needs the very best equipment.

Bob Avila and Joel Gleason have assembled the very finest equipment to be found anywhere for the horse trainer or exhibitor. We are always searching for new items, for now, we feel we have the finest selection of training equipment in the world.

Welcome to “Avila’s Pro Shop”.

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Ron Emmons, World's Greatest Horseman and Champion Magnificent 7

Ron Emmons, World

Avila's Pro Shop always has the best quality products at the fairest prices and the service has been great.

Bernard and Ann Fonck, Italy

Bernard and Ann Fonck, Italy

The service of the Avila Pro Shop is extremely professional. They ship our material overseas in 1 week time. We had WEG pads that were especially made for our team, they were gorgeous! We want to thank Lynn and Joel for all their help; you really do great and are a example of professionalism!

Clay Webster

Alberta, CANADA

Clay Webster

I have always bought my romal reins from Avila's Pro Shop. I recommended that my customers do too. All of their Cowhorse Equipment is the highest quality and lasts with the right care. They make it easy to order what we need and get it shipped in a timely manner. Clay Webster